Focus on simplified and developed budget work in the public sector

During the spring, Ekan Management performed an initial roundtable with public companies in Western Sweden. The purpose has been to inspire as well as further understand the conditions for a changed budget process in the public sector. During the interview, everyone has agreed that public activities in the long term cannot adhere to previous structures. Instead, new paths need to be found when the tax base diminishes and the demands for increased flexibility in public operations are put at the forefront.

From 1 July, Ekan is also one of six suppliers to the management agreement within Kammarkollegiet: Investigation, management and business management. This gives us a unique opportunity to also assist government authorities in their work on trust-based and dynamic governance as well as management. The trust delegation has largely focused on the leadership aspects for the development of trust, but what we see and hear is that financial management needs to be changed to reach all the way forward.

Contact Johan Frisack if you want to know more about how Ekan Management works to create better conditions for governance and management in public operations.

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